Looking for more attention for yourself or your business?

Turn Your Ideas Into a Book

Discover how sharing your expertise in a book can transform your business and raise your visibility.

Used as a multi-purpose marketing tool, your book has the unique ability to create attention that you can transform into almost anything you want.

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A book…


A book gives you authority, credibility and demonstrates your expertise.


When a media outlet wants a comment on something, who do they approach? The expert, right? 

And how do they know someone is an expert? Because they wrote the book.

Experts write books. Commentators write blog posts.


When people are searching for products and services, they turn to the experts.

And where’s the first place they think to look? Same as the media. 

They look at the person who literally “wrote the book” on the topic.

Discover how Elowyn Press can help you every step of the way.


Consultation/Project Management

Have questions about what to include, the format and structure of your book? We’ll help you understand what’s involved in getting your book published and into the hands of the people who need it!


Proofreading catches typos and minor grammatical errors that can make your book look unprofessional. Don’t miss this valuable final step.

Social Media Setup/Images

Whether you’re already on social media or need new pages and profiles created, we’ll do the setup and design custom images for your new book!

Press Releases/Book Promo Sheets

A press release and/or book promotion handout is exactly what you need when contacting bookstores, book reviewers and other relevant contacts.

Copy Editing

Copy editing catches grammar and spelling mistakes, repairs sentence structure, and ensures your manuscript has a clear and consistent style.


Interior & Cover Design

A well-designed book helps you stand out from the competition and ensures the layout meets all of the formatting requirements required by the various ebook and print-on-demand distribution channels.

Publishing to Amazon

Ready to publish on Amazon? We’ll walk you through the setup of your KDP account and load your manuscript and cover design. 

Marketing Materials

Our marketing mavens have been promoting products and services in every form of media for years. Let us help you promote your book!

"From editing, design and layout to branding, promotion and social media, Janet Boccone does it all… brilliantly."

Deb Rankine, Author, The Fridge Whisperer Cookbook Series

"Cathy is an amazing copywriter and is very responsive to our needs. She helped me complete the editing of my book for the service industry. On a continual basis, she writes our weekly newsletter emails to our clients. I have grown to trust her so much, that I hardly ever proof anything she writes. She is very good with taking things and running under very little supervision. Couldn't be happier."

Scott Bidwell, One Source Air Pros

"Janet is an extremely talented graphic designer. I have hired her to assist on many projects over the years and she consistently delivers beautiful work. She is reliable and an excellent communicator. I’m so appreciative of the experience she brings to the table as it enhances each project we work on."

Kim Garnett, Founder of BrainyGirl

With just few words of direction or basic notes, Cathy is able to bring each business owner’s story to life. I trust her to write great content and handle each of my valued clients with care.

Dave Anderson, Owner, The Shoppes Newsletters

"Janet was professional, quick, and creative. She was responsive to my vision for the book and offered great suggestions for building on it."

Jessica Outram, Author, SunshineInAJar.com

"Cathy was easy to work with and even offered suggestions to make my book even more appealing! She’s GOLD!"

Monique Howat, Author/National Keynote Speaker

"The adage ‘You only get one chance to make a great first impression’ is a truism that Janet holds in the highest regard."

Deb Rankine, Author, The Fridge Whisperer Cookbook Series

"Cathy was friendly, committed, and always made sure to give the best advice for the editing of the book. "

Jean Petri, Petri Plumbing & Heating

"I have recommended Janet to many of my clients and colleagues and will continue to refer others to her. Finding quality designers is no easy task — and Janet is the real deal."

Kim Garnett, Founder of BrainyGirl

"I hired Cathy a few years ago to do get my book onto the world stage and she did! I re-hired her recently to edit my new free e-book. She makes it easy because this time I sent her a lot of text and a simple instruction to 'make it fabulous looking.' She exceeded my expectations…again!"

Monique Howat, Author/National Keynote Speaker

"Elowyn Press were friendly, fast, efficient and within budget. From advice on what work best for us was smart and insightful. I highly recommend their work to anyone wanting a professional presence on the web."

Shamim Nahid