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Truly Tanalizing Canadian Cuisine 2022 Revised Edition Cover
Your Guide to Home Comfort & Safety
Your Guide to Home Comfort & Safety
Reality A Living Lie
Dream Big Set Goals Take Action!
Soup, Starters & Sides
Dedication page of Fridge Whisperer Ebook
All Hours Air Guide to Home Comfort & Safety Cover Image
Easy Everyday Entrees
Complete Guide to Home Safety & Comfort
Treatment of Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders
Down the Garden Path: A Step-By-Step Guide to Your Ontario Garden
The West Georgia Homeowner's Guide
Appetizers with Attitude
Vesel Services Guide to Home Safety & Comfort Cover
The Prodigy Plumbing Guide to Home Comfort & Safety
The Colorado Homeowner's Guide
Chapter page of Fridge Whisperer Ebook
What If I Were a Parent ?
Truly Tantalizing Canadian Cuisine
The Patternmaker's Crumpled Plan
All Hours Air Guide to Home Comfort & Safety
Truly Tanalizing Canadian Cuisine 2022 Revised Edition Cover
Essential Home Maintenance Guide & Logbook
Sunday Supper...any night of the week!
The Minnesota Homeowner's Guide
Think Big Set Goals Take Action
My Success Journal: Using Goals & Gratitude to Take Action
Happy Home Services Guide to Home Comfort & Safety
Condiment Confidential
How to Make Your Home Last Forever
Preface page of Fridge Whisperer Ebook
Lusciously Local

I had a wonderful experience working with Janet at Elowyn Press on my first book. She guided me and my co-author through the process and helped us every step of the way. She really helped us bring our ideas together and create a vision for the book. Then her attention to detail in the layout and editing process was excellent.

We are so proud of the beautiful book we created and we could not have done it without her. Her expertise in the printing and setup on Amazon was also very helpful and a huge time savings for us. I highly recommend Elowyn Press.

Joanne Shaw

Author/Landscape Designer/Podcaster, Down the Garden Path

Janet is an extremely talented graphic designer. I have hired her to assist on many projects over the years and she consistently delivers beautiful work. She is reliable and an excellent communicator. I’m so appreciative of the experience she brings to the table as it enhances each project we work on. I have recommended Janet to many of my clients and colleagues and will continue to refer others to her. Finding quality designers is no easy task — and Janet is the real deal.

Kim Garnett

Founder, Brainy Girl

The adage ‘You only get one chance to make a great first impression’ is a truism that Janet holds in the highest regard.

From inception to the publishing of its eighth title, The Fridge Whisperer Cookbook Series‘ success can directly be credited to the herculean creative efforts of Janet Boccone. 

From editing, design and layout to branding, promotion and social media, Janet Boccone does it all… brilliantly.

Deb Rankine

Author, The Fridge Whisperer Cookbook Series Inc.

I hired Cathy a few years ago to do get my book onto the world stage and she did! I re-hired her recently to edit my new free e-book.

She makes it easy because this time I sent her a lot of text and a simple instruction to “make it fabulous looking.” She exceeded my expectations…again!

She was easy to work with and even offered suggestions to make my book even more appealing! She’s GOLD!

Monique Howat

Author + National Keynote Speaker

I feel so blessed that Janet shared her talents with doing the interior book design for The Writing Spiral: Learning as a Writer. She was professional, quick, and creative. She was responsive to my vision for the book and offered great suggestions for building on it. She is hardworking, knowledgeable, and generous and made me feel supported all along the way, finding excellent solutions to some potential design challenges. I highly recommend her work and would jump at the chance to work with her again.

Jessica Outram

Publisher/Author, SunshineInaJar.com

Cathy provided excellent service and was ready and available at a moment’s notice. 

She was friendly, committed, and always made sure to give the best advice for the editing of the book. 

We would highly recommend using her services!

Jean Petri

Office Manager, Petri Plumbing & Heating, Inc.