As an entrepreneur, your business is your baby. It likely consumes almost all of your thoughts, day and night.

You have goals in mind, even if just getting through uncertain times is one of them.

You’ve learned so much already. You’ve learned the basics of marketing, social media, hiring, firing, accounting, government legislation, and you have people to help you with the rest. But you’re willing to do whatever it takes to become a huge success. It’s your dream, it’s your job, it’s your life! You need to take advantage of every avenue available to achieve this success and be heard in your marketplace.

You can do that by publishing a book!

Does publishing a book seem like a daunting task? It can be. But with the right team to guide you through the process and do the heavy lifting for you, it can be a simple process with a huge reward. 

Here are some of the main benefits of becoming a published author.

A book helps establish you as the expert in your field. Your business has competition. Other companies who desperately want to grow their business by selling products or services are out there trying to lure your customers into buying from them. Imagine having just a little bit more leverage than your competitors. You’ve written a book; you must know what you’re talking about.

Even if the customers you’re vying for haven’t even read your book, they can assume you’re more professional than the other guy. If they read your book, even better! They get to know you and your expertise while reading what you have to say.

A book is a great way to get media attention. So, you write and publish a book. Then what? Well, that’s the beauty of this. You can use your book to get media attention. They say all media is good media and this is really good media!

Submit a press release to the local TV station and newspaper. Leverage your book as something to talk about on podcasts, show images on your social media account and in your weekly email, or host a book launch event at your office or showroom and invite the media. How’s that for attention?

A book has the potential to provide a recurring revenue stream. For a business owner, the primary goal of your book is not to get rich from book sales. However, if you sell your book and use it to promote yourself and your business in the media, you will earn some money from it. Eventually, your business will be promoting your book and your book will be promoting your business. I call that a win-win situation.

As a published author, you increase your public profile and demand for your products and/or services. When you publish a book and let people know about it, you become more visible in the marketplace. With that higher profile comes increased demand. Imagine your neighbour is a local radio show host. In the world of celebrity, that’s not on the same level as the Kardashians but people know your neighbour. They know his name and they may even know his face. If he volunteers in the community, they know him as the guy who has the radio show, and you may even refer to him as your neighbour the radio show host. Do you see where I’m going with this?

When you publish a book, you’re the person who owns XYZ business and who wrote a book. When people know your name, you’re on their radar and when your company’s products or services are being considered, the higher the profile you have, the bigger the demand to be part of the conversation.

It’s a lead magnet. So, you have a book and it’s available for sale on Amazon. You can also utilize your book as a lead magnet. Make an offer on your website: Your book is FREE, the customer just has to pay for the shipping ($7.95). While selling this book from your website, you get their name and email address and presto! You have a new lead and you’ve covered your cost of the book with the shipping fee. This works with an ebook, too but you’ll be missing the 6th benefit of publishing a book. See below…

Bonus: Long-term marketing material – people don’t throw out books. I’m not sure about you, but I have a lot of books. I keep them on my bookshelves and I am always hesitant to get rid of them because I go back to them for research every once in a while. Yes, I can do a Google search right from my phone, but I still don’t want to throw out a book, especially if it’s written by someone I may do business with in the future. While a potential client may lose your business card or sales sheet that you left at their house when giving them a quotation, they likely won’t throw out your book.

Need help writing, publishing or promoting your book?

If you’re thinking that you’d love to write a book but it’s just too big of a project right now, you may just need the right team to help.

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