10 surefire ways to promote your non-fiction book

Congratulations! You’ve written and published a book and you’re ready to get it in front of the people who could benefit most from your wisdom.

Writing the book is just the beginning. After you’ve distributed that first few books to friends, colleagues and family, it’s time to get it into the hands of your intended readers.

Here are just a few ways you can promote your non-fiction book.

1. Maximize your social media presence and post regularly. Create a Facebook Group that helps potential readers of your book. Create a community. 

2. Create a YouTube channel and offer timely, helpful advice for problems your audience struggles with.

3. Create a book trailer and use it to promote your book on your social media platforms.

4. Run a Facebook ad campaign around a seasonal event or a specific time of year.

5. Offer to guest post on other people’s website. Refer to your book in the “About” section.

6. Be a guest on someone else’s podcast. Provide helpful tips and advice and avoid being too sales-y.

7. Write detailed blog posts on your website that deal with issues covered in your book.

8. Do a presentation at a local business group. Your goal is not to sell but establish yourself as an expert. Provide great information, and make sure to have some books to hand out in case people ask.

9. Participate in relevant conversations in Facebook groups. Offer helpful tips and advice without selling.

10. Contribute advice and ideas to LinkedIn groups and make sure you have a section of your profile that talks about your book (and tells people where to buy it).

Need help writing, publishing or promoting your book?

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